Introduced in the U.S.A in 1970, Corelle is a leading brand in dinnerware worldwide thanks to its unique design. Corelle plates offer a combination of good looks and durability. Due to their lighter weight and resistance to chipping and breaking Corelle dinner sets are especially appealing to Caravan Owners. Made with patented Vitrelle® glass technology, Corelle dinnerware is lightweight but durable enough to resist chipping and breaking and is dishwasher, microwave, and oven safe - ideal Caravan Tableware!

Whether you’re looking for a basic white dinner set or something with an elegant design, Corelle dinner sets are a versatile addition to your dining room. Corelle plates and bowls are also designed for easy handling and compact storage.

Corelle dinnerware is also great for outdoor dining and a great more stylish alternative to both paper plates and melamine dinnerware. The right supplies are essential for dining and entertaining outdoors; the last thing you want is for your dinnerware to blow away on a windy day or chip after the first barbecue of the summer.