Made of natural, non-porous and non-reactive material, VISIONS and CORNINGWARE are the perfect glass cookware for all liquid based dishes. It does not contaminate your stocks and soups no matter how long you simmer, steam or boil. Whatever you have on the menu, our glass cookware does not retain odours and food particles or stains giving you a peace of mind.

Whether it is stovetop cooking, oven, microwave, under the grill, in the refrigerator or in the dishwasher, our glass cookware is your ideal choice. Enjoy the revolutionary convenience of preparing, cooking, serving and storing in one vessel with VISIONS AND CORNING cookware.

With excellent heat retaining properties, Visions and Corningware allow food to be cooked perfectly on lower settings than usual cookwares, encouraging lower energy consumption. Regular cooking on medium to low flames or lower oven settings can help to save energy, encouraging an investment on cost-saving option for this environmentally-friendly cookware.